Area ‘Where I Am Now’

Area / Where I Am Now

CD / Digital 

Wave Music / Released March 2012


What does it sound like? 

Deep styles that belong more in the realms of minimalism than jacking Chicago beats. That’s despite the fact the album’s creator- also known as m50- is one of the most exciting producers currently working in the Windy City, whilst his radio show on WNUR cements his place as a man with particularly astute ears for sonics made by other people.

All of which is evident in this debut album- a mature work clearly constructed by someone who has not only spent a lot of time creating records, but listening to them too. It’s no surprise Area’s studio output has found favour with the likes of Alex Smoke, what with the futurist aesthetic evident in his oeuvre, and, in tracks here like opener Cellicos, there’s more than a nod to imprints like Vakant. Sparse, disparate melodies and heavy low ends abound then, each seamlessly running into the next.

This eye on the horizon continues throughout, not least on second track Skyline Face Silhouette, it’s slight, stepping, percussion and reverberating low end touching on post-dubstep bass sounds. And the same can be said further into the album, with the broken beat and vocal stabbing grower Pathll providing perhaps the best summary of the overall work here- it’s rhythmic, engrossing, understated, and perfectly situated between techno, deep house, and electronica; a thing of impressive contrasts that remains coherent.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Mass Conserved will find favour amongst the straight up four-four heads, sounding a little like Someone Else in an insular mood with its finely detailed, tracking hi hats and farting synths, albeit here married with expansive keys filled with mysterious echo. On the other side of things perhaps the South American style medley of wood and kick drums that makes up Lag‘s exotic, space-age arrangement will stand out the most in terms of those looking for more downtempo, or leftfield flavours.

Where can I buy it? 

HB Direct.