Retrac ‘Shades EP’

Retrac / Shades EP


Indigo Raw / Released September 2012


What does it sound like? 

Warm, looped, repetitive tech styles that live up to the label’s name, things are mostly raw, and seemingly uninterested with the genre’s less inspiring, glossed ends. Here string refrains, snares and a huge atmospheres in keeping with the imprint’s previous output kick things off, which explains the attention of one Terry Francis, who’s been showing support.

Opening with Lie Detector the melodies mentioned above are relatively accurate, whereas the other original track, Shades, focuses more on echoed, analogue organs and various vocal accents. Hit & Miss deliver a more downtempo interpretation of the former, raising the levels of futurism significantly, whilst Ethyl and Jarno individually offer interpretations of the latter, opting for bouncy tribalism, leading into metallic techno vibes, and beautiful dub respectively.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

The Ethyl and Jarnos remixes are rather nice, though it’s got to be about the immersive Lie Detector.

Where can I buy it?