Tony Lionni ‘Take Me Higher EP’

Tony Lionni / Take Me Higher EP


Apt. International / Released April 18th 2011


What does it sound like?

House music, in the true meaning of the words. At least for the most part anyway. Take Your Time is a straight up groovy, organ and male vocal workout that would be at home in Chi-town, New York or, as it moves into keys and more melodious synths, the West Coast, despite the British producer’s release being on a Japanese imprint.

Galaxia picks up where that started, before opting for a trancier-edged deep house vibe that has elements of millennia era Paper, with added mystique. And, as for the titler, think bottles of liquor in the air, partying on a sunkissed roof terrace. Vocal loops and loose hi-hats drop over classic organ stabs, adding more lyrical samples to build crescendos ripe for the eschewing pianos. Marshall Jefferson would be proud.

Where would I dance to it?

The Windy City, and no doubt countless outdoor parties mid-evening this summer. Basically, there’s more than a little White Island, garden party action to be had with this.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

The rolling tempo of Take Me Higher post filtered intro and pre dubbed outro, reminiscent of Daft Punk’s Revolution 909, while still sounding fresh.

Why should I pay for it?

As with any good EP, there’s nothing here that’s not usable, and little to risk ruining a set.

Where can I buy it?