Quick fire interview with Dimitri From Paris ahead of his Slide Gig.

Last week we featured the news of the forthcoming Slide party featuring Dimitri from Paris, and we still have some tickets up for grabs over on our competition page!

The Gig takes place on the 12th November, so we grabbed a quick 5 minutes to see whats in store from the funky Parisian.

What most excites you musically nowadays?

The fact that anyone can do music at home on a basic computer is quite a revolution. It is exciting but also it makes it harder to select the betterstuff from the mass of mediocrity.

 Have you always had the same goals when producing throughout your career? Or have your own goals shifted?

Not really, I’m always trying to do my best and do something that makes sense first on a listening level, I won’t compromise to a trend to make it work in a club.

Do you think there is a place for socio-political awareness or commentary in house music? Or should it just be about having fun?

I think things should be enjoyed for what they are, dance music is to make you dance. This said there’s room for quality and craftsmanship as long as it’s not getting in the way of the primary goal.

Have you any regrets from over the years?

I sometimes refused remixing big name artists or playing high profile festivals because it didn’t make sense artistically. I realize now it made sense on a marketing level in an industry that has become 90% marketing

What should someone expect from one of your sets?

Lots of variations of Disco

How do you like playing smaller venues vs large festivals – do you have a preference?

I don’t think DJs were ever meant to play in large festivals, that’s a promoter’s scheme to place one single guy playing records in a huge stage. In any case I prefer playing in a venue, it’s acoustically more suited to play recorded music, and the proximity with the crowd allows for better musical choices

How important is it to connect with people when you’re DJing – or are you more in your own world when you play?

I connect in trying to figure how to conduct the best program for the audience to have a good time. I don’t see the point of playing records to myself and a bunch of mates. That can be done at home.

How often to do you refresh your record bag and when do you go looking for new music?

Pretty much everyweek, and before a gig

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