Catch up w/ Paul Ritch as he warms up for Drumcode 15 tonight

Paul Ritch’s productions and live sets are charged with pure adrenaline and characterised by his powerful, harmonic, and deep techno.  This has made him be the holder of  a unique mark of sounds in which, his passion and power transmit numerous memorable music moments.  We speak to him as he warms up for his set at Drumcode 15 at London’s Great Suffolk Street studios tonight.

Your Split EP Part 1 back in 2008 was very well received (Paul held the top 2 sales position on Beatport with over 11,000 downloads) how did this feel for you at the time given it was your 1st release?

It was Great as it was the first release of Quartz , you never expect that much when you do Some tracks !

I hear you used to work as a hip hop engineer in Paris, what made you leap from this to techno?

When Istarted work as engineer I was already into techno.  I was preparing my first live set during (this time),  I had  the chance to use all  hardware, software, samples that the studio had : -)

A lot more DJs are turning to production at the moment, almost as a backlash to the over saturated DJ market, do you have any advice for people who are just starting out?

I don’t really have any advice to say to people except dont copy others and trying to bring something différent with ur own style  !

It’s widely known that you only play your own music in your live sets, how long have you been doing this for and what makes you not include music from other artists?

I am doing live since almost 7 years now, my first live (performance) was in 2005 , I am working in the studio everyday and I love it . I Will never see myself using tracks from other people and (I always) put ” live” in front of my name

You played recently at 2 festivals in China… What is the techno scene over in this part of the world?

It was actually a surprise ! I had been in china 3 years ago in a club and it was nice but nothing crazy, but this time was just amazing! Almost 7000 people ready to party! Great moment !

You have played everywhere from Berghain, Cocoon, Goa, Rex to Womb is there anywhere in the world you haven t played and would like to?

Glastonbury festival on mainstage would be really intense !

The Drumcode warehouse party in London back in 2010 was definitely one of the highlights of the year for anyone who attended.  Are you looking forward to this year’s 15th celebrations on the 29th of October? And what can we expect from your live set at this year’s event?

Of course,  Its always a pleasure to play with the drumcode crew !! Good vibe all  around, yes I am gonna change my live set,  playing some new stuff right for this event .

Drumcode are by far one of the most respected techno labels in the world (and you are quite clearly a massive techno fan!) How proud did you feel to be asked to produce a track for their 15 year celebration compilation?

Waooo !! If 10 years ago one guy told me I will realease a track for the 15 years compilation… Its a huge honour for me to do this track !!

You have played at lots of festivals over the years.  Do you think you enjoy playing your live set more on stage to a huge festival crowd or in a club environment?

I like both ! If you have a good crowd, good monitors and soundsystem, you cant go wrong ! 

Time Warp is approaching very soon, one of the highlights of the techno calendar, are you looking forward to it this year?

Of course!!!! Its big Time !!!

Your “Circus EP” release this year on Dubfire´s SCI + TEC label has a real funk quality, which some have said is pushing you into house music territory, Do you feel your sound is evolving this year from your more well known techno sound?

I dont have rules!! The most important for me is doing something sexy , hypnotic and groovy techno .

The B Side of Circus has vocals which is also unusual for your style and techno on the whole.  It seems vocals are making a come back in all areas of music in the last 18 months – do you think this is a good or a bad thing?

I like vocals, it can provoke émotion it just has too be using with modération .

You launched your own label Quartz Rec back in 2008  how are things going for you?

I am very happy, this year was great.  Many clubs gave me chance to do some label parties, also it was nice to welcome aboard Steve Parker and Simon Garcia with a beautiful release!

Do you have any new releases we should be looking out for?

Yes i am currently on mastering for my Next  Quartz with 4 or 5 tracks, also I am opening a new label  to release Some jackin béats  influence from Chicago! Can’t wait for that!

Thanks very much Paul and see you down the front tonight!


Interview by Melissa-Jane Frost for Weasel PR


You can catch Paul at Drumcode 15 TONIGHT

Drumcode 15 Years

29 Oct 2011 @ Great Suffolk St Warehouse

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