An Interview With: Pleasurekraft


What Matters will be kicking off their FIRE: In Session Residency with a line up to make any tech house fan moist on September 22nd. Pleasurekraft will be locking horns with Format:B behind the decks to delight your ears with quirky tech house beats which will make you dance until daylight! They will be joined by in demand heroes Nice7 who’s tracks seem to be everyone’s carts at the moment, with Time to Get Physical, Back to 90s and Bassline Soldiers regularly playing in clubs these guys will surely smash the huge soundsystem on this epic night. To mark the occasion we caught up with Pleasurekraft…

How has your year been – what’s kept you busy? What have been some highlights?

It’s been good all in all.  Touring heavily and trying to keep up with the release schedule without just putting tracks out for the sake of putting tracks out – which can be difficult in this instant gratification culture we live in these days where a 3 month hiatus between releases seems to be an eternity.

How did you guys first meet? Why do you get on so well?

We first met over Myspace in 2007. We started sending files back and forth shortly thereafter and didn’t end up finishing the track that made us “famous” (“Tarantula”) until end of summer 2009. We had only met once in person up to that point for about 4 days.

Is there a good scene in Sweden / Washington that you were a part of?

It’s funny – but both Stockholm and Washington DC have a general lack of an underground tech house scene – though both are very supportive of big commercial acts – so in short – the answer to your question would be a simple “no”.

How long did it take you guys to find your own style – to be happy with the music you were making?

Roughly 2 years I would say.  The first 2 years we were collaborating we were just making tracks in various genres – we didn’t really find our sound together until we finished “Tarantula.”  But that being said – I think we still try and challenge ourselves to do new things with Pleasurekraft as we don’t want to make the same tracks and sounds over and over again.

And what is that style – what ties your music together do you think?

We both come from backgrounds that include a large diet of non-electronic music – hence the music we make is largely influenced by all that – and to put it simply – we make tech house with a hook.

Tell us about your latest record for UMEK’s label – what influenced the music mostly?

Old school classic house records – big pumping bass with a string hook – and that vocal from the original has such an old school vibe to it we thought it fit great together – and it also pushes our sound to new areas – we don’t have any other tracks like this remix and we love that!

What should people expect from you at What Matters?

Thick chunky slab of tech house with lots of urban flare.  That’s the best way I can describe it! lol

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

A remix for Tube & Berger with the one and only Robert Owens on vocals – and that will be a deep house remix.  Also another original with Green Velvet – a collab EP with Jaceo and Vedic Dublin and we are re-launching our own imprint Kraftek officially with some wicked stuff!

What do you like to do outside of music?

Eat, Cook, watch movies! Sounds like the sequel to “Eat, Love, Pray” – oops!

What are your current top 5 tracks?  

1. DJ Arkay – “Lovin Your Sound” (Jaceo Remix)

Our boy Jaceo delivering an uber groove heavy remix here – love love love this tune and can’t wait for our collab EP with him to come out!

2. Freaks – “Black Shoes White Socks” (Darius Syrossian Remix)

One of my favorite producers – Darius Syrossian from Leeds UK – with another wicked remix – so glad he is getting some proper exposure finally!

3. Grant Nalder & Danny Quattro – “Precious” (Original Mix)

Great little deep but groovy number sure to keep the heads bobbin with a fun little vocal from “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas”

4. Sam Paganini & Minicoolboyz – “Miss You” (Dub Mix)

Such a wicked feel good vibe in this tune – though I usually use parts from the original mix mixed in when I play the dub – good fun on the floor and another great release from Monika Kruse’s label!

 5. Hector Couto & Santi Garcia – “Let the Music Play feat Pablo Fierro” (Giom Remix)

end of the night brilliance with this gorgeous deep house track.  Forget the trendy nu-deep sound thats in – this is classic deep house and this is as good as it gets! Giom for the win!

Catch Pleasurekraft at Fire, Vauxhall this Saturday.