Spectrums 10th Birthday line up and interview with Pete Jordan

On Friday January 28th 2011, Spectrum celebrates a “Decade of Dropping Beats” with a line up worthy of a brand who’s events across UK and Europe have seen them become the market leader for multi-genre club events.  Full details of the party are below, and we also caught up with the man behind it all, Pete Jordan for a quick chat…

How has your year been?                

It’s been a great year. As my focus has shifted onto music production for the most part, I’ve gone from never having released anything officially to having over 20 tracks and remixes due for release in the first half of next year it feels like that side of what I do is going to kick off big style.  My DJ profile seems to have mushroomed as I have played at bigger and bigger events, none more so than the main stage of Global Gathering Festival last summer. I do like intimate shows, but I really do love playing to bigger crowds.

How long has this party been in the planning?

The 10th birthday events have been long in the planning, but as ever with these things its only come together line up wise in the last couple of months. It’s all systems go from here though.

Why did you start Spectrum?

I started Spectrum as nobody was doing the kind of nights I wanted to play apart from perhaps Fabric Live around the end of 2000. In February 2001 I took the risk and got into putting on parties and they just seemed to always be amazing. Even the less successful events always felt special and to this day people still talk about some of the smaller shows when referring to their best ever club events. Our early days at The Bomb in Nottingham circa 2002-3 were really stuff of legend and it wasn’t long before we moved to other cities and out into Europe. Somehow, Spectrum continues to inspire and continues to be amazingly successful across numerous cities and as festival arena hosts. Not bad for a club event that came out of a small Midlands city! 

What were your early influences and are they the same now?

Musically it was the eclectic nature of the mid-nineties where guitar and dance music collided head-on for the big beat sound. I grew up on hip hop, but it was the energy of the rave scene that really inspired my future partying choices (I was too young to be at the early raves). The quality crossover sound continues to inspire me, the challenge of bringing together house, electro, techno, dubstep, drum & bass and pretty much anything good in a certain way is what Spectrum manages to achieve better than anybody else. It not a mash up or cheesy type thing though, it has the personality of a house party but with substance and musical depth, without being based too heavily around any given scene. I suppose Spectrum creates a festival styled experience within a club setting. 

What’s the key to the longevity of a party?

When it comes to Spectrum, it’s about being based on the right intentions. Spectrum is an extension of me musically, me as a DJ, and for that reason it’s something that will always evolve as the it’s about creating fun times for people around top quality music and DJ performances. As it is not restricted by any genre per se, it doesn’t have limits in terms of its development. You go through times of inspiration with the brand though, and I feel now is a real purple patch for Spectrum. Great events, massive crowds and a real sense that we are offering is exactly what people want. The original concept of music across the board, big acts from all backgrounds, and with me attempting to make it work musically continues to drive the brand forward.

What have been the highs over the years?     

Well as I started the night to progress my DJ career it’s been great to see my career move so far forward. Even before producing music I was able to play all over the world at many amazing parties. Last year at Global Gathering the tent was full within 45 mins, and literally went off all night, then the big sell out shows at venues like Matter London and HMV Institute Birmingham have been a lot of fun. But the real highlight has got to have been the 100,000s of people coming to the events over the years and have an amazing time! 

How did you decide who to book for this party?     

First rule is do I like their music? Then the next consideration is do the acts work well together on the line up, and of course we have to consider will the line up be big enough for the venue. It’s fair to say it is huge and worthy of our 10th Birthday and the awesome Ewer Street venue. There are some amazing acts on there. I’m very happy with the line up!

Who are you most looking forward to hearing and why?

Skrillex is making his first ever performance in Europe so that’s exciting, Pendulum and Ms. Dynamite are as big as they have ever been, and then the likes of Doorly, Modestep, 16 Bit, Joker Tim Healey, Delta Heavy and Union are acts I have a huge amount of respect for. I’m looking forward to the night as a whole to be truthful. 

How did you come across the venue?

It came on my radar after seeing Drumcode, Delphic and Halcyon putting on some amazing line-ups there. The people involved in the venue have reputations that are second to none in London so it seemed like the best place to do it. Upon seeing the venue in full swing I know that Spectrum will work perfectly there. Really looking forward to a return to London!.

What is it you look for in a good venue?

Bricks and morter are important, and sound can always be made good if you get the right system in there. However, it’s a people thing really. Working with people who see things the way you do, and a venue where people will come and have fun rather than just try and look good. 

And in good party?

Again, people make the party. Getting a crowd who are up for a party, hearing decent quality underground music in a venue which offers a safe enjoyable experience. It might not sound that exciting, but get those elements right and it’s guaranteed to be a top night! 

What can people expect from your DJ set?

With Spectrum being my show, I always make sure I do the right thing on the DJ front, if I’m warming up for an act I make sure I do it correctly and always consider what is best for the whole night – a great DJ can’t really have an ego. Whether I’m smashing it out to a massive hyped up crowd, or just easing a hand full of people into the night, I follow the simple rules of playing good quality music, play across different styles and deliver in a way in which people can enjoy the music best. As it’s the best job in the world, you’ll rarely see me without a big smile on my face.
What have you got planned in 2011?

Clichéd as it sounds, I’m looking forward to the next 10 years of Spectrum events. We are going to expand the number of shows we do, some more across the UK, across Europe and further afield. We have some big announcements coming regarding further London shows and our excellent events at Birmingham’s HMV Institute will continue in association with Electricity. 

Production wise 2011 is going to be massive with a load of my releases coming out. Two EPs due for release on Top Billin as Jordan & Santero, remixes on the likes of San City High, Distinctive and a whole load of other labels. Further collaborations are planned too. 

DJing will continue with more of the same, more big shows around the globe. Most likely will be taking the Jordan and Santero show on the road, which is going to be a next level DJ show really focussed at putting the emphasis back onto the craft of DJing which is sadly a skill which has deserted much of electronic music. 


Spectrum’s “Decade of Dropping Beats” 10th Birthday Show  featuring:

 Pendulum (DJ Set) with MC AD
Ms Dynamite (Live)
Skrillex (debut European show)
Tim Healey
16 Bit
Pete Jordan
Modestep (Live)
Delta Heavy
Union plus more tba

 Presale tickets on sale Friday 9am
Limited £10 / £15 and £17.50 / More on the door
Crowd Surge: http://www.crowdsurge.com/spectrum
http://www.spectrum48k.com / http://www.londonwarehouseevents.co.uk