Terrence:Terry ‘Like A Circle (with Bearweasel & Jon Reynolds remixes)

Terrence:Terry / Like A Circle (with Bearweasel & Jon Reynolds remixes)

Digital / Vinyl

Landed Records / Released June 2011


What does it sound like?

That guy from Paris, known to those who know as Terrence:Terry, flexing some house music muscle, and helping a fledgling imprint get some deserved attention in the process. The deep thing has become today’s minimal techno, but when it’s done properly, as is the case here, the question is really not what’s so good about the music, just how such a specialist niche has risen to such global (or at least Western) prevalence.

Remembering it’s a review let’s move past the quandary. The original cut’s a rather sparse affair, with a low slung rhythm and entourage of whispy, breathy vocals that burst into electronically tweaked song before dropping us back into the rhythm. Coupled with a soft percussive-led melody and wooden time-keeping accents it’s heads down to say the least. As is the case with the remixes, though both take things into more upbeat territories.

Where would I dance to it?

Bars, beaches, pubs, clubs… anywhere really.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

The Frenchman provides impressive source material, that’s true. Jon Reynolds adds a few old school samples to the brew, and a punchy sheen to those beats, upping the bassline to Tyler Stadius levels chunky groove. Despite all that though we’ll pick out rising UK producer Bearweasel, who opts for a classic, snare and organ refrain interpretation, falling somewhere close to Pepe Bradock’s camp, and sounding refreshingly melancholic, sort of.

Why should I pay for it?

It’s a new label that puts some effort into commissions. Respond duly.

Where can I buy it?