Presk ‘and Cut b/w Mold’

Presk / and Cut b.w. Mold

Digital / Vinyl

Fourth Wave, Ramp Recordings / Released June 2011


What does it sound like?

Footcrab, footcrab, footcrab, footcrab….” For those unfamiliar with Addison Groove’s slower approach to what has been labelled Chicago’s latest dance craze (the 150BPM-ish juke), we’ll delve deeper. Here we have two tracks that straddle the fine-ish line between the aforementioned repetitive vocal driven sub genre, breakbeat, UK funky, and garage. So think lyrical stabs, lunging analogue sounds, punchy snares, and an occasional kick.

and Cut is decidedly more soulful, while still sounding like a broken record (though in a pleasantly jacking way). The extra cymbals lighten the mood, opening this up to crowds that don’t necessarily want things like Mold, which is darker on the whole. In that instance take dubby chords and steely synths, add a masculine chant and reversed out, winding hook, mix with a beat that’s so close to four fours, and you’ll get something aimed straight for the heads.

Where would I dance to it?

Anywhere with a clientele dominated by under 25s discussing Hot Flush, Hessle Audio, Apple Pips and the like.

What highlights can I expect to here?

Mold‘s solid groove should help work up more of a sweat than its predecessor. Both are worthwhile though.

Why should I pay for it?

If you’re into the sound chances are the question’s answered.

Where can I buy it?

Chemical Records