Mark Broom & James Ruskin ‘ Blueprint 031’

Mark Broom & James Ruskin /¬† ‘ Blueprint 031’


Blueprint / Released 13th December 2010

There are some producers that, when you see their name on a sleeve, you immediately know what the track will sound like. These are two such guys.

We’ve got big love for both, and putting them together provides the perfect tool for the likes of Surgeon, Beyer and just about any other techno DJ worth their wait in salt. Erotic Misery opens the onslaught, with an analogue hook looping over industrial, flat fours. Mr G in a bad mood comes to mind, albeit here playing in a warehouse, such are the slightly off-tempo arrangements that make up the cunning formula.

On the flip both tracks are more understated, and as such could well find themselves in more diverse DJ’s boxes. Whether it’s the proggy rolling kicks and muted acid melody of Black Lines, or the space age symphony that sits in contrast to the driving bass on The Future That Was, we’re talking 21st Century soul music that’s still got one foot in Detroit, while another stands firmly placed on British soil. The perfect solid stocking filler if ever there was one.