David Garfit – Take Me To The Top

In a short space of time, Leeds producer David Garfit has demonstrated a keen production prowess on tracks for labels like Love Not Money, Crossworld and SLiCK. Now he serves up his debut LP with an impressively full formed and polished sound. It’s an emotive album of slick deep house and poppy vocals that works as well by the pool as it does at home or on the more tender dance floors.

There’s a well-defined production style evident through the album right from the off. Tracks like the opening “Warming” pair smooth female vocals with sumptuous underlapping beats and heart warming synth work. There’s bounce in his beats, too, as evidenced by “Tonight” and “Watch Out” which both sweep you up and carry you along on well defined grooves.

Influences are littered throughout, with shades of everything from 80s New York disco to more modern house tropes all buried within. Each track is a wholly heartfelt, unashamedly emotional ode to house and disco, though, in an ideal world, the crispness could also make for devastating pop with plenty of hummable melodies and sing-able basslines all staying with you much longer than your average modern effort. The second half of the album gets a little grittier and slides deeper down, with tracks like “Remember When” designed for those later hours. An impressive debut to say the least.