The Advent & Industrialyzer ‘SCH EXP’

The Advent & Industrialyzer / ‘SCH EXP’

Vinyl / Digital

H Productions / Released 21st March 2011

While Industrialyzer may be unfamiliar to more than a few non-die hard techno lovers (despite his oeuvre containing plenty of worthwhile outings), it’s difficult to imagine anyone staring blankly when you reference The Advent. He has, after all, provided exactly these steam heavy dancefloor numbers for somewhere close to two decades now.

So what’s the deal with the latest? Well, it’s probably going to come as no surprise to hear that it’s a frantic, runaway train complete with spiralling hook, well timed breakdowns, atmospheric builds and perfectly positioned drops that couldn’t smack more of 3am. That is unless it took the shape of Complex Data. Here on the B intensity is turned up to eleven, with the drive of track one’s drums replaced by a throb and snarling snares. Cue some pretty spooky keys, and enough cymbals to make you scared of metal discs for life, resulting in something that puts the balls back into techno.