2562 ‘Aquatic Family Affair b/w This Is Hardcore’

2562 / ‘Aquatic Family Affair; This Is Hardcore’

10″ Vinyl

When In Doubt / Released February 7th 2011

When Dave Huismans, A.K.A. A Made Up Sound, A.K.A. 2562, first announced he was establishing a new imprint, message boards, forums, blogs and news sites lit up like Christmas trees. He is, after all, one of the most sort after artists from the nu-skool currently sweeping the world.  And it’s familiar flavours abound, as this release has all the signatures you’d hope for from a head honcho’s new label opener.

The term ‘machine funk’ hasn’t been used on these pages for sometime, which is good, as that’s the first thing that comes to mind once Aquatic Family Affair springs into murky sounding life. An analogue bassline grinds its way up into a muted organ melody, while unknown hooks mimic bird songs, conjuring images of hands in the air, riding rhythms, mid-dancefloor. It’s just the latest example of this particular producer’s deft ability to create things that are far from upbeat, but removed from the subdued.

In contrast This Is Hardcore belongs to a sparser sub-genre of dubstep. Sprawling beats nod to the B-Boys, while what can only be described as a distorted whirring noise infiltrates the structure, adding a wall of sound that falters only with the staccato accents that mark this as being one step away from glitch. Far from predictable, and, in most boxes, infinitely usable. They say repetitive dance is on the wane, and the culture surrounding such darkened rooms has changed. With that in mind, it’s good to see so many practitioners continuing to put out music that sounds like it were made on a factory floor. The only problem here is that, with just 300 blue-vinyl copies available worldwide, shy of stealing poor quality files you’ll struggle to find yourself taking one home.