Yann Stricker ‘Urban Circus’

Yan Stricker /  ‘Urban Circus’

Vinyl / Digital

!Organism / Released February 7th 2011

All round Swiss big cheese Yan Stricker is back with another slice of stereotypically groove infected tech goodness on his own imprint. It’s not the most prolific label, but when the quality is this good, as it so often is, who really cares.

Opening with the release’s eponymous track, we’re dropped straight into a stripped, tight arrangement of electro hook and pulsing rhythm. With the aid of a little white noise the kind of bassline that casts a trance-like spell on a dancefloor emerges and then disappears, while an effective key change, despite the overall air of mystery, keeps things on a moderately euphoric tone.

As if taking us down progressively darker alleyways, Trapeze Acts then steps up the game, forsaking the notable breakdowns of the former in favour of a repetition that rarely gives in. Though not overwhelmingly interesting, it’s a dancefloor tune if ever there was one, providing just enough jack to ensure the sounds stay on just right side of minimalism. In contrast Clowns Parade brings the tempo down, as sliding synths nod toward the similarities between Switzerland’s finest, and European counterparts like John Dalhback.

A big selling point here is no doubt the inclusion of a remix from Glasgow’s highly sought after Hans Bouffmyhre, who reworks the original Trapeze Acts into a drummy roller, retaining the subtle intricacies of the source material, though here transferring those into dark toy box techno, complete with metronomic percussion guiding you through the grooves, and into a series of steam-hiss filled peaks and troughs. All in all this is yet another reason fans of solid four fours can count themselves pretty lucky so far this year.