Daniel Dexter does it again…

Daniel Dexter – Deep In Your Heart

Daniel Dexter is a nu breed of house producer finding plenty of support with the likes of Steve Bug, who has released much of the Berliner’s music until now. It’s easy to see why, because in Dexter’s glowing neon hues and polished grooviness, there is plenty of shared territory with the Poker Flat boss’s sounds. But it’s the auspicious Mother Recordings – also from Berlin – that serves up Dexter’s latest platters.

Of his two originals, Deep in Your Heart goes first and is a simple but effective combination of pristine, smeared synths and cute digital sounding effects. The diva who sings the title’s refrain adds an old school vitalism and the rest is a study in meticulous melodies and pin point hi hats that slowly hypnotises you. The rich FM bassline is the icing on the cake. The remix from Justin Jay is a more adventurous affair with a monstrous breakdown that sounds right outta London, and a vibrant disco fried texture to the rest of it.

Dexter’s other original is another precisely defined dancefloor weapon built on elastic beats and taught melody phrases that step up and down the scale in stylish and stabby fashion. Show B breaks it down and dissipates some of the original’s tension in scattered hits and snares, searching laser synths and nimble bass work.

– Natasha Remmington