Sillyboy ‘Played’

Sillyboy / ‘Played’

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Just Gazing / Released December 20th 2010
It’s not often that you’ll find us reviewing what is, in effect, an indie album. But then there aren’t many people making the kind of lo-fi electronic rock Andrew Weatherall would be proud of.

It’s shoe-gazy, it’s emotive and, as the likes of Argy and Richard Sen have proved with their support, it’s danceable. On top of that, the tracks were produced in Athens, mastered in London, and represent the sound of a rookie artist, and label. So here’s to the future, if this is anything to go by.

Shades of Jape are cast over plenty of the songs (yeah, that’s right, songs) here, and not least the subdued call to arms of the opening title track. All plucked guitars, sing-along words and gradual build; Time Is All Mine comes with a similarly addictive, upbeat yet thoughtful ethic. A little like a more live-sounding Passion Pit, if that reference means anything.

Heavier nods toward the 80s are present on the New Order-esque Thin Air, which contrasts the more guttural undertones found elsewhere. Sparkly Casio chords descend a wholly atmospheric mini-symphony of keys and strings. Though not alone on the album in terms of style, it’s the example wherein the electronica-elements of this intriguing Greek producer are realised to their full potential.

Other, as yet unmentioned highlights come in the form of the plodding, heartfelt closer You, the sing-along chart friendly success Modern Boys Modern Girls, and Death Before Disco‘s druggy vibes. It’s a worthwhile venture from a promising artist, so let’s just leave it with recommendations for fans of Captain Comatose, The Beta Band, Shit Robot and Matthew Dear to get on this release; original, innovative and refreshing