Reboot’s mix is just the trick…


Avoiding too many obvious car puns and metaphors, Alfa Romero Recordings has raced to the front of the queue recently. For their next trick, label co-boss Lorenzo Bartoletti steps up with a brand new single, Smokey Job, and has Cadenza star and minimal specialist Reboot remix it. The results are compelling.

In original form Lorenzo skews myriad different influences from electro to techno, house to tech, and bottles them up into one convulsing and high energy track that is for ever changing shape. It’s driven by some nice deep gurgles and manages to be funky as well as sweaty and direct. The remix from rebbot is a fine piece of work, too: the German takes the knotted bassline and makes it a prominent feature with feathery light snare rolls peppered all around it. It’s kind of eerie, a touch Latin and bears all the hallmarks of the finest minimal has to offer. This sure is a tidy two tracker.