Jossie Telch drops The Root

A man with a vast arsenal of talents, Jossie Telch is a former member of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and a producer with a plethora of skills that range from drummer to audio engineer. 2013 marks his return to Mexico’s Undergroove imprint.

The aforementioned talents retain his mantle of being perhaps the most famed electronic music producer to emerge from the Massachusetts college. The inaugural track, ‘The Root’, portrays many of these talents, as a marriage of dark synths with bleeps and popping tinges line up against a backdrop of acid-coated sounds. A sure fire sign that Mr.Telch placed all his cards on the table and left no stone unturned.

‘In & Out’ is correlated with more unearthly sounds attached to a deep and dark bassline. The track delves deeper into a more menacing approach. Vocal snippets are diced up amongst the edit to add another feather to Jossie’s productive brain. Innovation evidently, is a hallmark of the man’s style, but it’s the overall cleanliness of the productions that really grabs the limelight.