caTekk & Patrick Pulsinger ‘Vintage Love’

caTekk & Patrick Pulsinger / ‘Vintage Love’


Houztekk / Released December 7th

Two of Austria’s finest deliver a triple-header of impressive, ‘proper’ dance music. Appropriately titled, all three tracks represent something of a lesson in forgotten fundamentals.

The titler and A side kicks things off in a way that makes the flip’s dub rather surprising. What first sounds like yet another Berlin-esque excursion soon shows itself to be electro-leaning techno, complete with enough acid to make even the most experienced veteran call out for their mum like a scared child. An intent filled intro drops us off in the middle of an FX warzone. Before long you can almost imagine the likes of Andrew Weatherall peak timing a warehouse party, making it disappointing when things come to an end all too soon.

Then you realise it’s really all a clever ploy, as the very Sender sounding Cogwheel Dancing steps in. A stripped, though no less driving effort, it’s all about the percussion and subtly damaging bassline. Steam-tipped cymbals drive the train forward, guaranteeing devastation on any dancefloor. In contrast, the Organism dub of Vintage Love takes things on a Sunday afternoon stroll, nodding towards the likes of latter-day Herbert, not to mention Charles Webster. In short, you’ll be much better off with this release in your record box.