H.O.S.H. ‘Life Is Music Is Life’

H.O.S.H. / ‘Life Is Music Is Life’ 

Vinyl / Digital 

Diynamic / Released February 2012


What does it sound like? 

You might think you know what to expect on an EP made up of three tracks from arguably Hamburg’s finest house focused producer, the author of 2010’s deservedly respected Connecting the Dots LP, and brother to Solomun and Stimming (by association, not bloodline). If so the contents of this triple header might be a little surprising.

For starters there’s a lighter vibe to the whole affair when compared with the producer’s album, not that said long player was all serious heads down posturing mind, but still Life Is Music Is Life is more akin to the less dancefloor focused output of labels like Compost and Kompakt than one might expect. Secondly, Hidden Pleasures could well be the rudest tune we’ve heard in some time- it’s unclear whether the lyrics “I don’t know why but you made it through my back door / Now on my mind you find the pleasures that I hide” will carry the same connotations in Germany, but with the sultry female vocals of Malonda delivering them we’d say anyone with a grasp of English slang may quickly jump to a few conclusions.

Elsewhere there are far less potential innuendos at work, with High! using the same vocalist but taking the tempo down a notch, and allowing a basic, bumbling organ bassline to do most of the work, winding up sounding somewhere between avante-pop and vocal electronica. The same lyricist and vibe are also present and correct on the other outing here, What Do You Want Me To Say, which nods to electro-funk and Euro disco, whilst managing to maintain enough credibility to ensure plays in darker pits too.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Literal meanings to one side we’d have to go for the clubbiest outing on here, with Hidden Pleasures guaranteed to get the feet moving.

Why should I pay for it? 

Three decent tracks that will provide a good, and most importantly useable contrast to the tougher, darker records in your box.

Where can I buy it?