Ferdiand Dreyssig releases a ‘Post Symphonic’ EP…



German Ferdinand Dreyssig’s musicality is clearly apparent and he has demonstrated his mastery of electronic music but kept his trademark respect for space and depth and arrangements through fine attention to production details for labels like Clap Your Hands and Resopal and now serves up two great tracks for Cats For Lunch complete with remixes from Alejandro Mosso and Pazul. It’s an interesting one for sure…

Rather than build his music from the same standard sample and sounds as everyone else, Ferdinand is not affair to add some quirks to his tracks. Firstly Post Symphonic is a nice hiccupping brew of metallic drum hits, squelchy alien noises and off kilter little hooks that really draws you in. Then Indigo Skies is even more arresting with its sunny, sun kissed and tropical percussion and beats that sound a bit like they are being played on some African plane by a local tribe. Its fun and functional as well as being colourful and cool. There are two remixes from Mosso and Pazul which repurpose the tracks for a more peal time dancefloor with heavier kicks and a more direct groove, but its Ferdinand who steals the show here.