Omer Grinker goes underwater with his new EP…


Lithuanian imprint Parallel has pulled out a real gem here courtesy of rising Israeli talent Omer Grinker—with his Underwater EP one that pulls no punches. Curtain raiser “Make Sense” is the rarest of records in that it’s emotive, deep, multi-layered and intelligent, with its bleak outlook and far-from-genial spoken-lyrics matched by its contemporary sounding, space-tinged synthetics. A record that joins the dots between modern and classic aesthetics, it boasts all the hallmarks of a producer that’s respectfully mastered his craft before succumbing to the temptations of releasing music.

“Seen or Not Seen” goes deeper still, although this one embarks on a path that’s more sparsely decorated and relies on the gentle, sporadic chords to bring the atmosphere. The title record is the last of the three originals, with its gliding emphasis and trumpet samples making for a groove-soaked record that’s constructed in a similarly disconcerting manner to “Make Sense”. Label owners Monkey Brothers grant the latter a bassline-concerned edge and a clever vocal—but it’s Grinker whose work is the most striking and here.

– Natasha Remmington