Subduxtion Introduces Newest Track ‘Dust’

Experimental producer Subduxtion comes forward with his latest release ‘Dust’. The American artist has made remarkable breakthroughs lately with releases ranging from Milligrid Records (US), Zero Signal Records (JP), High-Pressure Systems (UK) to I&W Music (US). He is releasing this new track via Pocket Food Audio. The label aims to share music from DJs and producers from different geographical backgrounds.

‘Dust’ is part of a compilation release that introduces fresh tracks by artists from all over the world, solidifying the artist’s place as someone to be followed up close.

The ever-experimenting artist is known for his interest in exploring different sounds and genres, like Dark and Minimal Dub or Tech House, while he describes his sound as ‘Dark-Step’, he gets all of his influences and discoveries into the mix, making his sound stand out from the rest.

This time, he brings his distinctive sound to the table with ‘Dust’, adding a tribal vibe, pounding beats and eerie elements that float around to the mix, making this track an invitation to a whole journey within. Filtered synths help drop the beat, elevating the track to new heights each minute. Panned elements make the experience of listening to the song even more immersive, and the glitched components that make appearances throughout the track help keep the journey going.

Fans of a darker experimental Techno, with an energetic and immersive vibe will find in ‘Dust’ a great experience to jump on.

There is surely a lot to come from Subduxtion in the coming months, reinforcing his vision and sound, that’s sure not to be missed.

‘Dust’ is out now via Pocket Food Audio and is available on all major online music stores and streaming platforms.

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