Tune in to ‘Seven Nation Army’ from DMNDS, Strange Fruits Music, and Koosen 

DMNDS, Strange Fruits Music, and Koosen are stepping out with ‘Seven Nation Army’, marking their territory in the dance music ecosphere with this impressive dancefloor dominator. Strange Fruits Music has turned heads across major labels and music media, making news and racking up a following that puts them at the very summit of the digital music industry. They’ve hit the nail on the head again with this modern and powerful rendition of the classic ‘Seven Nation Army’ from The White Stripes. Armed with a discography of impressive releases that includes several singles released thus far, fans are tuning in from all corners of the world as they send ripples through the industry. 

‘Seven Nation Army’ performs as another superb production to add to the list of brilliant releases they have dropped within the past year. They set the tone of this anthem with an electrifying tone compromised of genres like Slap House, Future House, Tropical House, and other in-form varieties of what comprises the Strange Fruits Music vibe. Suddenly, listeners find themselves delving into a barrage of crazy hard-hitting sounds bound to shake any dancefloor with bass and shake you to your very core. The energy in this track is an electrifying culmination of room-filling energy made up from the heartbeat of the booming bassline as eclectic drums zapped with supersaw synth leads fill every corner of the room with speaker splitting bass and powerful electronic melodies. Drums fill the spectrum before the powerful turning point, as a gigantic drop breaks earthquake-style cracks into the foundations with a ridiculous bulldozer-like bassline backed by stabbing and electrifying pulses of high energy that shoot right through you, urging you to dance on. 

Ensuring they stay ahead of the curve, DMNDS, Strange Fruits Music, and Koosen are making it their mission to bring listeners something fresh with this release. They have no doubt ramped up this production in a professional standard to something enjoyable for lovers of that bouncy and dominant sound. With plenty more exciting releases on the way, the #MelonArmy movement is kicking into full force as the new year arrives, and with the trajectory of this juicy project clear for all to see, the watermelon might just be the new official fruit of the dance music industry.  

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