Herbrido Drops ‘Law & Illusion’ on Lakota Raw Featuring Mon.Ton & The Enveloper

Featuring as one of Toma Hawk’s brightest talents from the Lakota Raw roster, Herbrido is back with a brand-new Techno EP ‘Law & Illusion’ with a featuring remix from Mon.Ton & The Enveloper. Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, Herbrido has picked up some serious traction this year with pre-established hits featuring well-known Producers like Toma Hawk and Jens Mueller amongst releases like ‘Space Travel 2021’ turning heads in the industry. His distinguished sound incorporates an original and innovative twist on conventional Techno, featuring Modern and Acid styled elements to give it that Herbrido flair.

Herbrido’s ‘Law & Illusion’ EP consists of two varying productions: ‘Law Of The Instrument’ and ‘Illusion of Control’. Featuring as the first anthem on the EP, Law Of The Instrument features an undulating subby kick from the moment you press start, instantly throwing you into a fury of Techno heaven chopped full of sounds bound to send you sideways. Punches of raw, underground Techno seep from the sides of the track as Herbrido introduces flurries of dark and mysterious FX wrapping around the off-beat hi-hats and claps that send your senses into a frenzy and in turn, takes you for a ride and hypnotises you in the best way possible.

Next up is ‘Illusion Of Control’, which sticks with the theme and stays true to his grungy, modernised Techno sound as the track transcends into a dark and twisted cut of booming ferocity infused with piercing snares and haunting synth leads. You can expect to hear those stabbing acidic elements throughout the production in true Herbrido style. Before you know it, the subs are given time to recover as the break gives way to a crescendo of FX and drums fill the spectrum before the drop hits new heights for the release as a huge bass and drum combo fractures the sub frequency range. You can also expect a crushing remix from Mon.Ton and The Enveloper as they make a harder styled approach that takes you on a journey through the deep and cavernous realm of Techno chopped full of dark stabbing sounds and speaker-splitting basslines that would go down a treat in any rave.

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