Zesty House Anthem ‘Awake’ From Jacob Colon and Vogu Available Now

Jacob Colon has teamed up with Venezuelan singer and songwriter Robert Vogu who specialises in the curation of Electro-Pop and has picked up traction in the industry as of recent. Over the last 18 months, Jacob Colon has proved to be a force to be reckoned with, with a string of heavyweight releases like ‘Desert Storm’, ‘Don’t Stop’ and his work on ‘Love Ahora’. He is without a doubt emerging as one of the most reliable and talented Producers in his format. He lives and breathes all things House music, with a taste developed in New York where his love for the industry grew and is and is a result of his outstanding career. Their collaboration ‘Awake’ will be released on Jacob Colon’s imprint ‘Aravaza Music’. 

‘Awake’ hits hard straight off the bat with that eclectic and zesty drum work by Jacob Colon that he is so well known for. The production picks up an instant tribal groove that inspires you to get off your feet and start moving from the get-go. The fleeting tribal flutes combined with flurries of percussive elements provide those ultimate feel-good vibes and are a perfect culmination of Jacob’s and Vogu’s seamless work together. Catchy chanting vocals take the lead at certain points in the track to make this production one to remember and it feels perfectly crafted to be a huge summer anthem. This leads up to the drop where we are met with a snare roll that gathers momentum with an abrupt growing frequency backed by the iconic melodies that drive the build-up to the climax that transforms into a seamless fiery drop that deserves to be blasted in any main room or festival stage and delivers those ultimate summer vibes.  

Jacob’s Colon’s rise to the top of his domain has been extremely impressive, his image is constantly being built from his immaculate and impressive releases and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Jacob Colon proves to be a man of many talents considering his discography of releases combined with his ‘Made 2 Move’ radio show which sees tens of thousands of loyal listeners tuning in each month paired with a huge global syndication schedule that sees his show on over 20 radio stations heard globally. This latest release is a perfect demonstration of the raw talent both Jacob Colon and Vogu have for the art of music production and is definitely one to sit back and crack it up to. 

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