Waifs & Strays ‘Love On Another’

Waifs & Strays / Love On Another

Vinyl / Digital 

Leftroom Limited / Released September 2012


What does it sound like? 

Another cut of traditionalist house music direct from one of the UK’s most in-demand imprints. This time round rising duo Waifs & Strays are on production duties, meaning there’s more than a hint of disco vocalism going on, whilst Matt Tolfrey and Huxley do the re-work thing.

Fans of gospel, or at least diva tinged four fours- here sporting rather odd 80s influenced tom drum rolls- need not apply then, at least when it comes to the A-side title track, which compares to the lighter end of Motor City Drum Ensemble’s lyrically pronounced work. Retro indeed. The B, namely For A While, opts for a more stepping rhythm, filter-impacted vocals and plodding low end, offering something of a darker compatriot to the flip.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Dubbier, heavier, far more stripped and heads down, Tolfrey and Huxley’s remix may well top the popularity rankings in our office thanks to variety of voices- looped, chopped and altogether altered- making for a heady deep house brew.

Where can I buy it?