Naizon drops long awaited ‘Pause’

Naizon’s latest release proves that his decision to switch up genres to Tech House was a stroke of genius as ‘Pause’ features a funky Tech House beat with dark and edgy vocals that offer a sort of mysteriousness to the track. Naizon flaunts his production talents building up an atmosphere and creating an exciting drop that effortlessly flows into a funk-led drop.


Using robotic elements and melodies takes the track to a whole new level as it gets you itching to get back to the dancefloor. At a slightly slower tempo, ‘Pause’ provides a whole lot of groove! ‘Pause’ is a potential dancefloor takeover tune as this may be Naizon’s best release yet.


Naizon has been consistently releasing stand out tracks including ‘My House’, ‘Midnight’ and of course ‘Pause’. Currently, he is keeping busy cooking up new tunes whilst under lockdown and making the most of the time building on his skill set and embracing his creativity, you can expect to hear many more exquisite tracks in the months to come.


‘Pause’ is out now.


Listen to ‘Pause’


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