The Mateo Paz remake of Kleinsky’s ‘Remember’ is out now

Mateo Paz has dropped a stomper of a track as he takes on Kleinsky’s brand new release called ‘Remember’. Starting off with a classic kick intro the haunting synths tease the track before being met with gritty synths and arpeggios. Hints of the melody jump in and out of the track as it coolly slips into an atmospheric breakdown with deep elongated bass lines and reverbed riffs.


The adrenaline-inducing build-up takes you into a big drop that is certain to send clubs wild. Kleinsky’s ‘Remember’ comes with two other remixes by Italian DJ and Producer Christian Monique and Deep and Progressive star John D along with Kleinsky’s original version.


Mateo Paz has had an amazing string of career accomplishments ranging from a top 20 Billboard chart releases with Eddie Amadour and Kwanza Jones, a remix of Terri Bjerre’s ‘Feel So Real’ landing on Universal Records and a nationally broadcasted radio show titled ‘Gain’. Launching into the Progressive scene back in 2009, Mateo has been producing music that captures energy, passion and emotion for the last 10 years.


Branching out internationally, Mateo is now working towards a South American tour this Summer and possible residencies abroad. The future is looking bright for this Progressive star.


Remember’ is out now on Estribo Records.


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