Archives for January 2019

Mr Fitz and Lana Scolaro’s ‘Out My Outfit’ is available now for pre-order

The Californian DJ and Producer Mr Fitz is back and this time he has paired up with London-based DJ and Producer Lara Scolaro to create a hard-hitting House track titled ‘Out My Outfit’. The production has a funky beat and is paired with Mr Fitz’s signature heavy bass along with a catchy and repetitive vocal […]

Pierre Reynold’s remix of Lamont Jognson’s ‘One Drum’ is out now

Pierre Reynolds has put his spin on Lamont Jognson’s latest hit ‘One Drum’ and has transformed this track into a Classic House tune with a funky bassline and gritty synths weaved throughout the background. His re-imagination of the few samples used in Lamont’s original song has now been turned into almost a verse and chorus, […]

Mateo Paz – Gain #147

Mateo is back with his weekly edition of Gain filled with the very best in the underground Progressive House scene. Every week Mateo is dedicated to finding the freshest tracks around for his fans to listen to and every week is consistently exceptional. In Gain #147 you can find music such as David Lindmer’s ‘Subpolar’, […]

Megan Kashat has teamed up with Osman Altun and Regard to create ‘Break My Heart’

Megan Kashat is back with her latest single titled ‘Break My Heart’. This is the latest from a series of fruitful collaborations, this time pairing up with Turkish producer Osman Altun and Deep House DJ, Regard, to deliver a soulful, House-infused track. The release is focused around catchy and complex instrumentation including snippets that pay […]

Trevy’s remix of Bad Bunny’s ‘MIa

Trevy has given Bad Bunny and Drake’s smash hit ‘MIA’ a party-style House makeover with an increased tempo, heavier bass and original top line, Trevy’s version is set to be a huge club track! Best known for his danceable and catchy melodies, the producer also has a knack for creating brand new versions of some […]

Mateo Paz – Gain #146

Mateo Paz has done it again as he provides us with an hour of pure Progressive perfection! This week’s mix includes music from the likes of Ge Bruny, Dezza, Draud before closing off the show with a collaboration by Airbas, Paul Daze and Marc Deon. If you’re looking of somewhere to find fresh, new Progressive […]

Jake Cusack’s ‘EP 13’ is out now!

Jake Cusack is back with 2-track EP bursting with bangers. The first tune on Jake’s ‘EP13’ is titled ‘You Don’t Know’, the tune features bongo elements giving off a slight tribal vibe with bright and airy synths along with a haunting vocal that kicks off the drop perfectly. The second production is called ‘Your Love’ […]

Blk Out’s latest hit ‘All Night’ is out now on Phunk Junk Records

After storming the scene with their debut EP ‘Lites Out’ back in 2018, Blk Out are back with their latest track titled ‘All Night’. ‘All Night’ is a funk-filled party anthem that seamlessly blends House, Bass and Progressive together to create a tune that will get dance floors jumping everywhere. Blk Out’s crisp production sends the […]

Lyonbrotherz are back with their latest EDM hit ‘Liberty’

Lyonbrotherz are back once again with their latest track titled ‘Liberty’, a slower tempo EDM anthem featuring a powerful female vocal and inspirational lyrics. ‘Liberty’ starts off with dreamy, warming synths and arpeggios before getting into the main part of the track where a choppy melody line kicks in, leading up to a grand EDM […]

Mateo Paz – Gain #145

Once again, Mateo Paz is back with an hour’s worth of the hottest Progressive tracks around for the 145th edition of Gain. This week’s mix contains music from artists such as False Intentions with their hit ‘Feelings Within Peace’, Bobby Deep’s remix of David Leckenby’s ‘One Place’, David Forbes and Hal Stucker’s club mix of […]