Archives for 2019

Check out Pengwin & Kenny Brock latest release ‘Never’

Atlanta DJ and Producer Pengwin is back with a brand new melodic and groovy release titled ‘Never’. The track features bright and upbeat piano chords following a gradual build-up that leads to the one and only Kenny Brock and his ever so silky vocals. Pengwin has a talent for producing music that ingrains itself into […]

Klipr’s ‘Teched’ EP is out now

New Delhi rising star Klipr is back with a brand new 2-track EP that will get your taste buds tingling for some worldly Progressive House tunes. Klipr is known for producing music that leans more towards to the ‘Electro’ side on the House spectrum, however, with the ‘Teched’ EP, Klipr has taken a slightly different […]

Roberto Rodriguez releases ‘Beat Boom’

Following on from the success of ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘The Way Is Hard’, Roberto Rodriguez is back with a brand-new release titled ‘Beat Boom’. Intense from the get-go, ‘Beat Boom’ harnesses a half-time beat that allows you to get right into the groove of the track before a drop that’s bursting with gritty synths and catchy […]

Check out Roberto Rodriguez’s latest hit ‘Crazy Room’

After the success of ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘The Way Is Hard’, Roberto Rodriguez is back with a major fusion of Big Room and Electro House titled ‘Crazy Room’. Bright and enticing chords kick the track off before taking it to the next level with its intense build-up and high energy, synth-led drop.   Roberto has included […]

Alex Messina drops ‘Gears Of War’

Italian DJ and Producer Alex Messina is an artist who doesn’t confine his music to a specific genre, his latest release ‘Gears Of War’ explores the depths of Trance and Progressive House. The light and airy intro of the track is full of guitar and synth melodies that add a dramatic feel before gliding beautifully […]

Check out Ken Bauer & J-ROB MD’s latest collab ‘Feels Just Right’

Los Angeles based producer J-ROB MD has teamed up with the well-established Stockholm producer Ken Bauer, and the results are just pure magic. The two guys established a deep connection in the studio which lead to this future-house dance floor friendly track tune titled ‘Feels Just Right’. This tune features emotive vocals, booming pianos, and […]

Mykynes – Any Given Day

Mykynes arrives on Premier League Recordings with a winter warmer that’ll keep your temperature burning hot into the cold season. The air might be cold, but the production line at this exciting emerging label remains at full speed as we close out 2019 in style. Marco Svarda sets the standard for his Premier League Recordings […]

Check out November’s ‘ElectroVessel’

You may know the Vessbroz from releases such as ‘Follow Me’, ‘Losing Control’ and ‘Walking In Grace’ but their love for music doesn’t stop with producing, along with touring the world as award-winning DJ’s they also put together a weekly radio show called ‘ElectroVessel’ showcasing the hottest new music the scene has to offer.   […]

Mateo Paz’s November Gain shows are now live

As a new month begins, it marks the final instalment of Mateo Paz’s ‘Gain’ broadcasts for November. Showcasing the very best releases, remixes and labels in the Prog scene each week, Mateo has now reached the impressive milestone of his 190th episode. ‘Gain’ has been a labour of love for the past 4 years with […]

Ken Bauer’s remix of ‘Alone’ is out now on Future House Cloud

Following a streak of top-notch releases, Ken Bauer delivers once again with his latest remix of Max Fail & Jonathan Wagner’s ‘Alone’ released on Future House Cloud.   This remix blends the original vocals of ‘Alone’ with Ken Bauer’s signature sound, whilst featuring blissful and melodic arps in the intro and breakdowns, powerful build-ups followed […]