Phi6 – Tripezones EP

Phi6 - Tripezones EP

Phi6 aka producer duo Inaki Albert and Oswaldo Garrido debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb three track EP entitled ‘Tripezones’. The guys joined forces while studying a sound degree and are Influenced by artists such as Hans Zimmer, Trentemoller and Mendieta to name just a few. While Inaki already boasts several releases on various labels, Oswaldo is a relative newcomer to the scene. One thing is for sure though, these guys have a serious talent that will most definitely grab a lot of attention. Delighted to have them on board and hopefully we’ll see more from them soon.

‘Tripezones’ is up first and dishes out a solid Progressive flavour with trappings of Techno blended in. This one embarks on a hybrid journey filled with quality vibes and infectious grooves that will captivate the mind. Chunky kick drums and a tight percussion section ensure the rhythm prevails while deep basses lurk on the low end. Energetically charged synths mesmerize while the bassline chugs, driving the groove. A real beauty of a track that will give you the perfect weapon for any set.

Next we have ‘Toob’, which is quite simply a stomper of a track. The intro boasts a pounding kick drum with a surreal atmospheric pad hanging in the background. The rhythm is let loose with the introduction of tight percussion patterns and shuffling hats. A hypnotic bass dominates the track for the duration and keeps this one firmly in the dark zone making this a definite must have.

‘Corp’ rounds up this superb pack and does so in epic style. Progressive vibes ooze out of this one right from the get go as punchy kick drums lead the way alongside a plucky synth hit and building percussion patterns. Deep droning bassy pads lurk in the background while bright crispy hats slice through. You can feel the tension rising as synth chords stab their way into the sound creating wonderfully layered textures. The break serves up an expertly crafted sequence filled with lush sounds and some funky elements to tip the balance. Superb stuff that is not to be missed.

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