Alexi Delano and Butane ‘What You See Is All There Is’


Alexi Delano and Butane / What You See Is All There Is

Vinyl / Digital 

Alphahouse / Released November 2013


As fans of Butane will already know, you can usually predict that very little, and yet somehow also quite a lot will happen in a track with his name on. As the bossman behind both Little Helpers (alongside Someone Else) and Alphahouse, his work is minimal without ever becoming boring for members of the crowd. At the same time, from the DJ’s perspective his cuts are a joy to use, rework, drop and blend; begging to be toyed with, whilst boasting enough detail to remain challenging.

Taking that into consideration, attempting to review this collaboration between the man in question and similarly to the point producer Alexi Delano seems a little superficial, especially if we start by revealing that this is release is along those lines. It isn’t music made to be heard individually, or probably even in the day time at all. That is unless there are a few people, plenty of drinks going round and a laptop/pair of turntables/CDJs in sight. Within that context, though, all three tunes here- the titular, along with Ego Depletion and Mind Mapping– are gems. Respectively raw, punchy and percussive (complete with hoover bassline); bouncy and choppy; and a groovy, sweeping number packing some rather addictive tracking cymbals and handclaps; if any of those sound like your cup of tea then either buy the EP and prepare to enjoy a few good mixes, or prey you’re near a club with this on the soundtrack soon.