Nitin ‘Latenightlife EP’

Nitin / ‘Latenightlife EP’

Vinyl / Digital

My Favourite Robot / Released April 11th 2011

This is why we love house music. Or at least the opening track is. “Love and happiness” stabs the vocal, while a synth lunges, beat shuffles and organ plays.  When it comes to the EP, we’d go so far as to say it’s one of the reasons club sounds are so hard to leave alone.

The Nine In One kicks in just so. Toronto’s Nitin is the mind behind My Favourite Robot and No 19 Music, imprints that carry much of his oeuvre, and as such can lay claim to having a decent taste in tracks, when it comes to producing and acting as A&R. Which is why it’s no surprise this shifts from straight up basement fours to hallucinogenic broken beat.

Think Craig Richards’ Tyrant mix for Fabric, as Latenightlife strolls in, downtempo, and dominated by strings- be it the classic analogue electro type, or reversed and reworked, trippy interpretations. Needless to say, when coupled with an acid-tipped bass it makes for perfect left of the main material, as does track of the pack, Harbour Circle.

Featuring James Teej, another talented name from the same stable, here there’s more John Carpenter than anything else. And such is the authenticity of the keyboards, plodding pan and pot percussion, and brooding, opening-sequence effects, it’s hard not to imagine grainy credits laid over shots of some dystopian city. Fans of Deadly Avenger take note, this is a worthy buy make no mistake. Back it all up with Blink Twice, a robotic yet soulful dancefloor number that again sticks to the house template, and there’s little to say other than thank you, that will do nicely.