Valhalla hits the mark over the Christmas period…

Amsterdam at Christmas always has a special and attraction to it. Throw in a festival and you have a true Christmas soiree to go to. Held in an exhibition centre not to dissimilar to that of NEC in Birmingham, the RAI centre just on the outskirts of the historic city. If I was to say it was an eye opening experience it would be an absolute understatement. As I was arrived around midnight the whole carnival style atmosphere had already taken centre stage.


Each room (there was about 12) had its own personality, from the Format room arguably the largest having a true festival like backdrop, huge screens and system to the Love Girls stage which was glitzy and more glamorous. In one room there was a magic show happening in front of the D’Js playing, something I have never seen before. There were chill out rooms and massage parlours, burlesque style dancers, rides and of course all you can eat 70’s style camper vans dishing out a burger or two. Pretty sure by the time 3am hit not many people were eating, if you catch my drift.

The crowd were pumped in each room I jotted in and out of but being a fan of Dekmantal and their hosting, it was only fitting I spent most of my time there. The line consisted of John Talabot, Tom Trago, Deetron and Cosmin TRG which has got to be a line up in itself. Having those 4 artists one after another was literally ‘music to my ears’. The arena was set like an industrial work shop with crates and steel gurders attached the booth and dance floor. Very original and true to its music ethos. A great few hours were spent listening to the bliss of the house and disco coming from the room.


Other highlights consisted of good friend Boris Werner playing a home town gig, Maxxi Soundsystem showing why he has been the talk of the town in 2012, bit for me John Talabot was a sheer joy to listen too. His live elements have been a pinnacle testament to music this year and have diversified the ‘live’ sound to a new level. Top marks for the Spaniard.

If you want to take out Christmas with a bang then Valhalla is certainly a place worth checking out. If not for the music then just for the sheer effort that goes into the entertainment surrounding it. Obscure and indifferent but thats what creates an atsmosphere that stands out from the norm. A fine way to finish of the Festival year.