Mike La Funk ft. Max C ‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone’

mike la funk feat max c_cover
Mike La Funk ft. Max C / ‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ 
(Incl. Soul Avengers, ATFC, Jason Chance, Alec Hall & House Of  Virus remixes)
Pacha Recordings / October 2013
Berlin-based House music purveyor, Mike La Funk, reveals his brand new release ‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ for Pacha Recordings, working for the first time with talented vocalist Max C who injects a rich gospel flavour. The package also features some heavyweight remixers including: Soul Avengerz who opt for a deeper and mysterious vibe, showcasing a sexy nocturnal side; Jason Chance who creates an instant appeal for the young clubbers with his fast and sturdy beat science; and ATFC explodes on the main floor with hands in the air, armed with persuasive beats that accentuate the keys, driving track into a more sinewy territory. Upcoming producers Greg Funk (aka House Of Virus), opts for driving beats and soaring synth drama and Alec Hall works the floor with a sublime peak time Dub. ‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ is an impressive addition to the Pacha Recordings catalogue of timeless House tunes.
‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ is out now on Pacha Recordings.