Saytek ‘Live On Cubism Vol. 2’


Saytek / Live On Cubism Vol. 2

Digital / CD 

Cubism / Released September 2013

More quality production action from a guy that has slowly risen to deservingly dizzying heights over the last few years, with plenty of people taking an interest in this second Live On Cubism album. And few could argue that it matches (if not betters) the preceding edition (which, in case it passed you by, was overwhelmingly well received).

With the basic idea being to deliver 80-minutes or so of fluidly melded original dance music using a Roland MC909, Ableton 9, Maschine Mikro, Kaos Pad 3, Pioneer RMX1000, Akai APC 40 & DJ mixer highlighting individual tracks here doesn’t seem appropriate, and offer little hope of doing the overall record justice. Instead then let’s focus on the basic facts; we move from poised, jazz-tinged house flavours through to techier (and almost techno) numbers with an appreciation for pacing and building intensity sorely missing from the arsenals of many contemporary artists.

The result is a very club night-sounding selection of tunes that can’t help but hook the listener in to the rhythms, and once that happens it’s a head-bobbing, toe tapping, or at high volume foot stomping pleasure from start to finish, boasting oodles of timbre and depth for home listening, but also enough immediacy to fit right in at any proper party. Another sign that Joseph Keevill is a chap everyone should try and catch playing in the flesh, ideally on a very big soundsystem, it’s definitely worthy of spending some time on.