Proviant Audio ‘Hey Let’s Do It (inc. DATG, Jay Shepheard and Daco remixes)’

Proviant Audio / ‘Hey Let’s Do It (inc. DATG, Jay Shepheard and Daco remixes)’


Paper Recordings / Released April 4th 2011

He’s young (apparently), and (definitely) very, very talented. As Norway’s newest electronic protege Proviant Audio is a name you’ll no doubt be hearing more from in the coming months, and not least on these pages when his debut album finally drops.

Before that we’re treated to this single, though how we can really describe the contents of the disc (or file) as one track is beyond comprehension. And that’s got nothing to do with the fact there are three remixes included; rather it’s a result of the switching style of that oh-so-summery source material.

We kick off with the original Hey Let’s Do It, and funk inspired breaks, or rather a cut and paste sax and synth combination set to staccato rhythm. Next the kind of bass Jazzanova would quite happily stake a claim to drops, and we’re in pure !K7 territory, filtered pianos, strolling house beat and roots MC no less, before disco-infected chorus and easy-going strings make an appearance.

Don’t judge a track by its intro then. Or the mid-section, as the next shift goes to show. By the end of the opener we’ve crossed over percussive house party hip hop, and come out the other end on a beatless ragga tip. So then, who can guess what happens in the alternatives? Well, if anyone said deep and groovy late night sounds, disco, or electro-soul, then they should consider themselves correct.

So stars of We Are Woodville, DATG, serve up basement (though by no means tough) arrangements driven forward by an invitingly lunging baritone. Then Compost and Dirt Crew man Jay Shepheard’s wonderfully stripped, sparse metronomic nu-disco (complete with killer 80s low end) follows, to dark but sexy effect. And, finally, Daco’s interpretation kicks in like Georgio Moroder, before taking things onto more natural tones. All of which are great, if not quite as broad in appeal when compared to the multi-faceted blueprint.