Kaltehand / Natasha Waters release latest Hive Audio package…


Artist: Kaltehand / Natasha Waters
Title: Pages, Left (Remixes)
Label: HIVE Audio
Release Date: 19/08

Kaltehand / Natasha Waters are a duo from Switzerland and play some huge, sombre and mysterious pop. This EP that sees their tracks Left and Pages get remixed by electronic master Ewan Pearson and Manuel Moreno comes on the ever-impressive Hive Audio.

Manuel Moreno goes first – he has released on labels like 8Bit and indeed Hive in the past and puts all his skills to good use. He works the track into a subversive bit of deep and broody pop music. His percussive touches are only slight, and the main feature here is the low slung and engaging groove. Piano chords bring some chilly drama and it’s a perfect night ender. Ewan Pearson’s remix is just as special but is a little more disco fried. Its upbeat and emotive with a lush but subtle bassline, soaring vocals and plenty of gangling tambourines and hand claps which all work to pull you ever deeper into the track. This is sure to one of Hive’s biggest EPs.