Tortured Soul ‘Can’t Keep Rhythm From A Dancer’


Tortured Soul / Can’t Keep Rhythm From A Dancer

Vinyl / Digital 

Dome Records / Released July 2013


If you’re unfamiliar with one of the world’s finest soulful house trio then let’s just say their output is well produced, classic-sounding stuff that’s guaranteed to do the business on the planet’s groovier, more vocal dancefloors. We wouldn’t describe any of it as a throwback, though.

Perhaps it’s just the freshness of their beats, or the youthful energy that exudes from the arrangements. Either way this is soul clearly made in and for the 21st Century, in this instance supported by some equally contemporaneous remixes that define exactly why such tunes have, in some shape or form, transcended decades in clubs across Britain and beyond; universal floor fillers no less.

If none of that makes sense, then stylistically speaking think sizeable harmonies, loose four fours, and licked guitar hooks to sink ears and feet into, with and without the lyrics, backed by alternate takes from funky house DJ and producer du jour Miguel Migs, both boasting the central song, and sans said words. Perfect summertime fair for just about anyone with rhythm- who will no doubt appreciated the sentiments here- we can’t help but smile whilst listening in the office, and writing this review.