Rework ‘Werewolf EP’

Rework / Werewolf EP

Digital / Vinyl 

Meant Records / Released September 2012


What does it sound like? 

Those who thought ‘cabaret-independent-house’ was a thing of the past will be surprised, as an outfit responsible for said sound (as they put it) are back following a five year hiatus. Best known for their output on Playhouse, Rework return, this time via Parisian organisation Meant, and the results are along the same lines.

Interesting, and rather unique, comparisons can be made to the likes of Captain Comatose (another Playhouse name), and all manner of artists working in and around the live-sounding techno-electro borders. The title track begins the sensory, party starting assault, boasting female Germanic vocals, harsh synth breakdowns and guitar low ends, with Magda offering a subtler interpretation that still finds itself in the electro canon, as snare topped beats move from break to four four, complete with ‘nasty’ baritone.

Touch Yourself opts for more lyrical repetition, whilst loose big room kicks, vocal loops, and a bassline to make any head nod dominate the foreground. And then Remain takes things into rock or even post punkish avenues, whilst remaining fully focused on club dancefloors. In contrast then, That I Like, the final track on offer, is far smaller in terms of impact, but bounces along with all the rolling rhythm one needs for a great filler boasting plenty of personality, guaranteed to keep them moving.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Magda’s take on Werewolf may have wider appeal, keeping its head lower than the occasionally abrasive original, though the fist punching involved in bother versions of touch yourself may just win out in the end.

Where can I buy it?