Various Artists ‘Modeselektion Vol. 2’

Various Artists / Modeselektion Vol. 2

CD / Digital / Vinyl 

Monkey Town / Released July 2012


What does it sound like? 

Sometimes menacing, sometimes dirty, usually danceable and often slightly experimental, the boys from Modeselektor are back, and putting their name to another collection of tracks from their friends and label cohorts. Quite possibly the most unique ‘new school’ organisation on the planet delivered with the first of these packages, and this certainly follows suit. From the word go it’s a powerful beast, Levitate from Egyptrixx opening with heavy bass drums and knife-edge atmospheres, creating the kind of feel that could have people more than a little unnerved if played loud, in a dark room.

It doesn’t all stay so oppressive though, which is probably a very good thing- not that the aforementioned album intro isn’t an accomplished piece. Addison Groove’s Manic Miner may well be the most ravey and least B-boy of his singles (we’ve had the pleasure of being serviced with), but it’s not aggressive or overly intense. Instead the inter-changing drum patterns (from flat four to staccato break), choppy rap sample, and hoovers make for a party track, albeit one that’s had plenty of thought put into it- as with everything else on here, whether that’s Phon.o’s warbling analogue hook and neo-house boompty boomp outing, Fukushima, or the industrialist breakbeats of Mode Operator (Beispiel A), which nods to Aphex Twin and the like with its distorted, grungy melody and classic drum set up.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

The last track mentioned definitely ranks, with Diamond Vision managing to craft something that’s both harsh and abrasive, but strangely compelling and euphoric. Meanwhile, the computerised noises, off-beat kicks and reversed strings in Jan Driver’s Distorsione For Strings is also something to contend with, like a halfway point between experimental house music of the Herbert variety and something far more lush. It’s all pretty damn good though to be honest.

Where can I buy it? 

Piccadilly Records.