Rino Cerrone ‘Man On Moon (with Mihalis Safras remix)’

Rino Cerrone / Man On Moon (with Mihalis Safras remix)


Unrilis / Released August 2011


What does it sound like? 

An oxymoron is something that, by definition, is a contradiction in terms. In many ways when we say this latest from Naples’ most prominent techno figurehead is the reason we love techno you might think we’re guilty of such an inconsistency.

But the truth is that’s exactly the point we’re itching to make. Because in an age of relentless trend-shifting, this label not that one, and the perpetual need to keep up with those more than mildly irritating Joneses, solid, verging on blokey techno is one of the only genres that remains true to its roots. And while that’s not going to change the world there’s something to be said for a scene that has never really exploded but still manages to maintain a huge following several decades on. The two original tracks here exemplify this perfectly, offering kicks that border on punishment set to driving rhythms topped with purposeful hi-hats that’s age old and yet still enjoyable- quality stuff.

Where would I dance to it? 

Any club employing DJs at the tougher end with taste.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Mihalis Safras does a decent with the solid original of Man On Moon, placing a distant crowd sample on the intro before dropping us into a more minimal, brooding and bass heavy affair set to a pulsating tempo that screams 2am as the crescendos build to what appears to be nowhere other than heads down rolling territories. In contrast Basic Rude is a slightly housier affair, and should appeal to fans of Ida Engberg and Wehbba- all warm refrains and sharp percussive accents, while the eponymous tune is relentless Beyer material through and through. Take your pick.

Why should I pay for it? 

Releases like this will only ever appeal to DJs that already know the answer to that question.

Where can I buy it?