Lyonbrotherz and Greenskiez latest hit ‘Hit The Floor’ is out now

The Lyonbrotherz are back with their second collaboration with Greenskiez and it’s a big one! Their latest single ‘Hit The Floor’ features an intro of vocal samples and thumping bass before heart-raising synths kick in and leading up to a spine-tingling build up. ‘Hit The Floor’ then drags you in to an EDM crossed House groove with prominent bass lines and tasty sound effects.


The Lyonbrotherz go back to their hip-hop roots with the half-time breakdown which gives ‘Hit The Floor’ a very urban vibe, this track features many twists and turns and makes it the perfect track for the clubs. After the incredible reaction to ‘Space’, the cousins have merged their signature sounds with close friend Greenskiez once again and with ‘Hit The Floor’ set to be even bigger, it’s clear that this won’t be the last collaboration between these 3.


Lyonbrotherz have also been working with Ultimate Ears to celebrate the release of ‘Hit The Floor’ and putting together a competition to give their fans a chance of winning a selection of Mega Boom speakers and with the winner soon to be announced it has been drumming up all sorts of attention.


‘Hit The Floor’ is now finally out now on the Lyonbrotherz record label League of Lyons.


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