Tom Ellis ‘Messed Up Chance EP’ (with Ruthit, William Welt & Suade remixes)

Tom Ellis / Messed Up Chance EP (with Ruthit, William Welt & Suade remixes)


22 Digit Records / Released July 2011


What does it sound like? 

Four young-ish and worthwhile UK producers on an equally fresh faced (though by no means infantile) British imprint deliver four tracks that are all house music, of sorts. In precisely the way we like our quintet releases to be, here accents of 303s, deep, harmonised tech and strolling percussion are all offered, making for a release that’s impossible not to appreciate, in some way or another.

Welshman Tom Ellis’ original Messing boasts all the boompty boomp swagger you could ask for, set to mechanical toms and tribal hi-hats, making for a truly rhythmic outing. In contrast another name we’re hearing a lot about this year, Ruthit, takes things into territory closer to Lawrence, all warm basslines, string refrains and dream-like, near opiate harmonisation- valium tech, if you will. We’re also given a whole other track, in the shape of With Chance, wherein the source material follows a similarly drummy path to its predecessor, albeit here scored with an occasional bleeped hook. Then imprint bossmen William Welt and Suade get on that tip and turn it into something wholly tougher, darker, and more chugging.

Where would I dance to it? 

From the remixes to original work there are enough directions to ensure you could be exposed to this at more than a few different venues.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Mr Ellis’ source material is exceptionally well detailed, and while both A and B deserve to be released we’d opt for Messing‘s crunchier, marginally more jacking vibe. That said, given our penchant for punchy kicks, acidic noises, grinding basslines, and pitched refrains William Welt and Suade’s re-working of With Chance might just steal the show, though that just proves subjectivism is a real bitch.

Why should I pay for it? 

If British pounds for British work sounds too close to right wing-dom then how about the standard answer- music needs to be bought, same as any other consumer item.

Where can I buy it?