Toast prepare for their Cargo debut with Glimpse…

Toast is back! This Friday the guys hit Cargo for the first time and are double pleased to announce their special guest in the main room as Glimpse!

One of the most eagerly anticipated and prolific producers of the moment, Glimpse is a true innovator who is able to explore and master various genres in his own inimitable style. The London-based producer is blurring the distinctions of traditional genres, appealing to even the most obstinate listeners through his tireless dedication to continual reinvention. Glimpse has released records with Carl Craig’s Planet E, Cadenza, Kindisch, Buzzin Fly, Get Physical and releases on his own Glimpse Recordings imprint with Kompakt. His outstanding debut artist album ‘Runner’ was released on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels.

Latest tracks by Glimpse Music

They also have open arms and a big cuddle for the Rejam boys (Jack Doyle & NPD), as we welcome them back so they can take care of business in the garden like they were on Ground Force! Expect some quality slow deepness from these guys. They’re also the pioneers behind the weekly online radio show and podcast, Rejam Radio, make sure you check it out!

Latest tracks by Rejam Radio Show

If all this wasn’t enought to whet your appetite check Toast London residents mix (James Moore, Steve Shorter, Rustem Rustem)

A tale of three halves by Toast London

Entry is free before 10pm, £10 thereafter.

Main Room:
Glimpse [DJ Set] (Crosstown Rebels/Cadenza/Cocoon)
Rustem Rustem (Sexy Trash Digital/Maquina Music)
James Moore
Steve Shorter

Garden Terrace – Rejam
Jack Doyle & NPD