Hot New Release From NATHASSIA and GAR ‘Rainmaker’ Available Now

NATHASSIA and GAR have joined in their first ever collaboration together to create their newest record ‘Rainmaker’, which serves as a ground-breaking culmination of their disparate yet distinguished backgrounds that have come together to produce this mystical and melodic anthem. Both artists have accomplished great things since the start of their careers, with NATHASSIA having successfully forged herself as a powerhouse artist who has been praised for her multiculturalism and worldly influences, including her prominent live show capabilities and successful releases like ‘Change The World’ and ‘Star Sapphire’. On the other hand, GAR is held as one of India’s hottest producers and with over six years in the industry, he has proved to be a driving force in the dance music industry, specialising in genres like House, Trance and Minimal.

This delicious new release is chopped full of innovative sounds which makes it a track you definitely can’t afford to miss. This track produces a seriously inimitable groove and branches out into a new direction of Deep House infused Pop with a bottomless thumping bassline and atmospheric piano elements to seal the deal. As the main body of the song commences, we are met with a beautiful vocal hook with intoxicating, angelic lyrics which gives the track an overall infectious vibe that leaves you wanting to crank it up and press replay as soon as it’s over. A mesmerising saxophone solo shortly follows on, which adds a totally new layer to the song and ties it together to produce an entirely modern spin-off of the Deep House vibes we’ve grown to love over the years. If you’re looking to diversify your knowledge on the makeup of this genre, then this is definitely a good place to start.

NATHASSIA has constantly been pushing the boat out in terms of her devotion to music, her sound continues to develop with each successive release and she is bound to have a great year ahead with the way she is growing as an artist. NATHASSIA’s creative flair is a gift that keeps on giving, as it keeps her ahead of the curve and certainly drums up excitement as to what she gets up to next, but right now we’re going to kick back and tune into ‘Rainmaker’ as we anticipate her next move.

‘Rainmaker’ is out now on ArchangelUK Recordings and is available on all good digital music stores and online streaming platforms.

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