Josephy Capriati ‘Save My Soul Remixes (Cari Lekebusch / Marco Bailey / Fergie / Hans Bouffmyhre)’

Josephy Capriati / Save My Soul Remixes (Cari Lekebusch / Marco Bailey / Fergie / Hans Bouffmyhre)

Vinyl / Digital

Analytic Trail / Released 21st March 2011

A pretty big release it would seem. And one that doesn’t take long in launching out of the starting blocks, into a wavey-synth capped roller courtesy of H Productions boss Cari Lekebusch. Before long a bell-like toll descends and pot-pan percussion paves the way for things to come.

Next up Fergie gets in on the action, a guy that’s been surprising those that right him off as hard house for more than a few years now. Here dubby-organs point to progressive pasts, while atmospherics keep things rooted in today’s mainroom techno sounds. It’s just a shame Marco Bailey comes along and steals the thunder with some pure heads down punchiness.

Armed with a gritty bassline there’s few places to hide, not that you’d want to, because despite the tough exterior there’s still something wholly warming about the Belgian’s outing. Cap it all off with youngster Hans Bouffmyhre’s rather more industrial, and wholly relentless workout and you’ve got something that’ll be hard to resist for anyone who’s ever danced till death in a large club.