Kraak & Smaak reveal new video

They’ve been around for a while, and are responsible for Jalapeno’s two most successful releases. So, who would be better suited to the label’s 100th 12″?

If your answer is nobody, then this is one news story for you. Ahead of the release of Dynamite, the pair’s latest single and centenary issue on the aformentioned imprint, Kraak & Smaak unveil the video to the track. And it’s not half bad. Judgements on the tune to one side  (we’ll be bringing justice in the form of a review closer to the date it hits stores) the video uses some nifty stop motion animation to bring together explosives, animals, and (of course) records. It’s also embedded here.

Non-believers may by now be thinking of redirecting the browser. But before you do, have a look at this footage from Motor City’s techno festival of techno festivals, Movement, recorded earlier this year. Whatever your view on the producers at large, there’s no denying this is one crowd getting their groove on by the banks of the Detroit River in fine style…. As usual, your thoughts are more than welcome.