Egg’s 10th birthday kicks off the 10×10 series in style…

The 2013 clubbing scene is currently flourishing when it comes to the world of house and techno, whether its your underground intimate showcases or the larger clubs fighting for those mega line ups. For Egg its been about a total refurbishment and a plan to propel the space into the limelight once again. With the overhaul comes their 10th birthday which is currently being celebrated throughout the whole of May with various 10 hour sets from the leading artists.


The new look club boasts extra dancefloor space in all three rooms, new lighting systems and soundsystem and superb outside area rounding things off. Kicking off proceeding after a heavily anticipated press launch was a Cadenza special with Reboot. With only the garden basement open it offered a more intimate vibe on the club, however that just showcased the venues talents and how it can be used in various ways. A key to a great club is its adaptive outlook. Reboot offered his generic style and samba enthused tech house on the spanking new floor, which garnered great reviews from the punters.

How ever it was the following night that really propelled the club into the mainstream. A 10 hour set came from Sci-Tec front man Dubfire and boy did he use it to his advantage. Blending a classic set with some fresh and raw cuts, the smoked filled club was in total admiration of his mixing and the way he could puppeteer in the audience with some famous hands in the air style drops. The lighting panels and extra dancefloor spaces were key elements into the change in the club and added the preverbal cherries on the cakes so to speak.


Even Ali Dubfire himself joined the masses of followers on the dancefloor after his marathon set posing for photos and getting stuck into the following artists set. The opening was a joy to be involved in and marked a serious new era for the Camden club. Nights to follow from the likes of Art Department and Felix Da Houcecat should not be over looked when planning your up and coming weekends.

Heres to the next 10 years.